Margaret Lottermann - Owner / Trainer

Margaret has been enchanted by horses longer than she can remember. At the age of two, a stable hand threw her up on a horse – a surprise to everyone, but also the spark of a lifelong passion for the young Margaret. That experience took place in Japan, one of the many Air Force posts her father held. The locales may have changed over time, but the desire to connect with horses remained strong. Eventually Margaret’s family settled in the Pacific Northwest, where she discovered an environment that “suits me right down to my toes!”

Margaret has worked professionally with horses for nearly forty years, yet she still remains passionate about her time in the barn and arena. The horses are a source of joy for Margaret as she finds a sense of completeness in their training and refinement – though Margaret will tell you that it is in fact the horses who have been teaching her.

Margaret’s lifelong focus has inspired many others, in particular her daughter Lauren who shares her passion for horses. Together, Margaret and Lauren formed DuoStar Dressage, allowing them to continue sharing their skills and experiences with other riders.

In spite of her many achievements in the arena, Margaret gives most value to her relationships with her husband, Gary, her two daughters and their families, as well as a rich tapestry of friends. During those rare moments away from the barn Margaret enjoys reading, painting and “dating” Gary.