Lauren Henderson - Owner / Trainer

Lauren was one of those little girls enchanted with horses, quite possibly more than most. The green carpet in her bedroom doubled as polyester grazing field for her “My Little Ponies.” Grown up now, Lauren is living out her lifelong dream as a professional trainer and competitor. Her enchantment with horses still runs deep.

“I love the gracefulness and power that horses have. I’m always amazed how much these animals are willing to give to us and that feeling of having a great ride where everything just “clicks” can’t be beat!

I really love building a relationship with each horse and working with their unique personalities. It’s what makes my job so challenging, interesting, and fun!”

At the age of 10 Lauren began attending dressage clinics and early on it was clear that she wanted to pursue a career in dressage. Directly out of high school Lauren worked her way to Europe to study the German training system and to work with mentor Henrik Johansen in Sweden. More recently, in 2008 and 2009, Lauren began training with Olympian Steffen Peters in San Diego, CA.

A nearly tragic riding accident left Lauren with a broken back and jaw. Determined not to let this accident derail her dreams, Lauren made her way out of therapy and redoubled her efforts, launching DuoStar Dressage with her mom in order to bring the beauty of dressage to a larger audience. Her dedication is clear.

Today Lauren’s valuable lifelong commitment to dressage is passed to others through lessons, training and clinics. She is also involved in the day-to-day operations at DuoStar, including personally caring for client horses. At the same time Lauren is competing nationally, riding championship horse Watson’s Gift.

Lauren also enjoys traveling with husband Paul, one of the few people who can pull her away from the horses. And, when the horses need a bit of a break from Lauren, she’s known to take up a bit of running, reading and art.