The DuoStar Team

DuoStar is owned by mother-daughter team, Margaret Lotterman and Lauren Henderson. Each brings a lifetime of experience with horse training and care to DuoStar, along with a passion for the discipline of dressage. Margaret and Lauren are supported by a handful of equally fabulous staff and volunteers who make DuoStar an outstanding business and a welcome home for anyone interested in dressage.

Margaret Lottermann – Owner / Traine

Margaret has been enchanted by horses longer than she can remember. At the age of two, a stable hand threw her up on a horse – a surprise to everyone, but also the spark of a lifelong passion for the young Margaret.

Lauren Henderson – Owner / Trainer

Lauren was one of those little girls enchanted with horses, quite possibly more than most. The green carpet in her bedroom doubled as polyester grazing field for her “My Little Ponies.” Grown up now, Lauren is living out her lifelong dream as a professional trainer and competitor. Her enchantment with horses still runs deep.

McCall Shaub – Barn Owner / Manager

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