Classical Dressage Lessons & Training

Our approach to dressage involves both training for the horse and lessons for the rider. Whatever the skill level, or goals, we work with you to develop a training program that fits. We believe a well trained horse is happier, healthier, and more satisfying for the rider.

Every horse deserves to be treated equally and their health and happiness is our priority and responsibility. Our goal is to create happy, healthy athletes that can perform to their greatest potential in classical dressage. The ultimate goal would be to produce classically trained horses that are competitive at the highest levels. May we never forget our responsibility to these amazing animals, stick to our values, strive to improve ourselves, and endeavor to share our knowledge to all others to the horse’s benefit.

Private Lessons

$60 per lesson (plus $10 ring fee for haul-ins).

Our trainers, Margaret Lottermann and Lauren Henderson provide instruction, at your pace and skill level. Margaret and Lauren enjoy working with all levels of riders and breeds of horses.

Its important to us that your lessons are a positive experience as well as being a learning experience to build on. We strive to teach lessons where the rider not only understands what to do but why they are doing it. We feel a more informed and thinking rider is a more successful rider.


Training Price
Full training - 20 sessions per month $600/month
3/4 training - 16 sessions per month $500/month
Half training - 12 sessions per month $400/month
Single training ride/session $40
  • If a training option you are interested in is not shown above, please contact us as we strive to work with you in developing a training program that fits your goals, skill level and lifestyle.

When training the horse our goal is to develop a horse that is happy, balanced and free-moving in his work. We feel it is very important to treat each horse as an individual and to vary the training to the horse’s needs. In addition to riding, we work horses in-hand, on the lunge line, long-lines, and over cavelletti. The horse should always leave the arena with more answers than questions.


Margaret and/or Lauren are available to teach clinics locally or out of state. Please contact us for more information and availability.