Dressage is our passion

We believe that dressage is a foundational discipline beneficial to any horse and rider. We tailor everything we do around this belief – from the daily care of the horses to the lessons where we pass our understanding along to our clients.

Our goal is to create happy, healthy athletes that can perform to their greatest potential in classical dressage. It is our priority and responsibility.

We work with all levels and all breeds. We offer programs that fit a variety of budgets and we strive to keep costs low while providing quality care and training. We are a classically trained mother-daughter duo who are very hands on with both the training and care of our horses.

Lessons & Training

Our trainers tailor a program for each horse and owner – regular riding lessons are combined with ongoing training for the horse.


We have the privilege of hosting our own mentors, right here at DuoStar, for clinics and workshops!